We can be reached via email at support@yottanews.com, but if you are a free user please read the guide below before emailing.  If you are having a problem with your account check our System Status page for any current problems or our FAQ for answers to common problems.

Abuse, including DMCA violations can be reported from our Usenet abuse portal, http://www.usenetabuse.com

DMCA reports can also be mailed to:

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YottaNews Free Account Help Guide

YottaNews free accounts are provided as a public service to the Internet community. Due to the shear volume of people who are using this service we can not provide individual technical support. We have provided this guide and have made available the newsgroup yottanews.support. If your problem or question is not addressed in this guide you can ask for help in the community supported newsgroup, yottanews.support. Another user may have had the same issue and may be able to help you. Sending technical support questions for free accounts to support@yottanews.com will not be answered.

Here are some basic question and their answers:

Q: How do I get an account?

A: You fill out the web based form at http://www.yottanews.com:8080/freeaccount.php

Q: What if I didn't receive the email message that contained my username and password?

A: Check your spam filter settings and ensure that email from support@yottanews.com is accepted. Then return to the web page at http://www.yottanews.com:8080/freeaccount.php and fill out the form again. Our servers will resent the email message.

Q: What should I do if my account quits working?

A: You should return to the web page http://www.yottanews.com:8080/freeaccount.php and fill out the form. Our servers will send you your account details. Most of the time it's due to you exceeding your download limit.

Q: The account doesn't work all the time, why?

A: Most of the time it's due to you exceeding your connection limits. Make sure you configure your news client to a single connection.

Q: Why won't Outlook Express work?

A: Outlook tries to open more than one connection at a time. We do not know of any fix for this. Outlook is not a supported news client. Please have a look at Xnews or Pan.

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