Yotta News is a carrier class provider of Usenet News.  Our server farm is designed to provide high speed, retention and reliability even under the toughest user loads. 

UPDATE: Please add @nntpserver.com to the end of your user name.

Just some of our features:
  • Speed
    Our network is built using redundant GigE connections to multiple Internet backbones. 
  • Reliability
    Our fully redundant server farm ensures that access is provided with over 99.9% reliability.
  • Retention
    Our news servers offer up to 90 days of binary article retention and a full year of text retention.
  • Completion
    Our servers receive all articles.  If you happen to find an article that we don't have, forward us the headers.  We track down what happened and get it added to the spools.
  • Flexibility
    The Manage Account Panel allows you to maintain your own account.  You can upgrade or downgrade service, or even start the next month's service early.
  • Support
    Email support is provided around the clock.  One of our helpful customer service representatives will normally answer your questions within minutes.  Just email support@yottanews.com.
  • Price
    We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.  
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